Founded in 2021, CryptoJutsu is a collective of digital artists focusing on NFT creation.

Since 2017, our members have been investing heavily on cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are in their core about secured information ecosystems that can be implemented across multiple economic sectors.

Cryptocurrencies are already changing society and revolutionizing money transfers, online banking, the entertainment business and the art market.

The future of blockchain technologies is bright, especially regarding to the NFT space.

As we became more familiar with NFTs and as digital creators ourselves, we started to develop our own NFT projects. We try to bring our originality and creativity to our collections, and we’re delighted to share them all with you!


Our 1st project: CryptoBoo! – an original pixel art NFT series featuring cute little ghosts. Each NFT is handmade & animated + comes as a 1/1 edition (1 of 1).
Visit our collection, now available on OpenSea! 👻 Season 2 dropping on April 30th, 2022!

Our 2nd project: Universal Soldiers – an NFT collectibles series made of 1,234 unique soldiers to collect – all 1/1 editions. Algorithmically generated combinations. Handcrafted with care.
Available on OpenSea! Dedicated Twitter page: @UniSoldiersNFT

We’re working on upcoming projects. For the latest news and updates, follow us on Twitter!